Jacy L. Young, PhD


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Young, J. L. (in press). G. Stanley Hall, child study, and the American public. Journal of Genetic Psychology.

Young, J. L. (in press). Numbering the mind: Questionnaires and the attitudinal public. History of the Human Sciences.

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Book Chapters

Young, J. L. (2012). A brief history of self-report in American psychology. In J. W. Clegg (Ed.), Self-observation in the social sciences (pp. 45-65). New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.

Recent Paper Presentations (Selected)

Young, J. L. (2016, June). Performing psychology for the public: Henri Tajfel, replication, and the minimal group experiment. Paper presented at the joint meeting of the European Society for the History of Human Sciences and Cheiron: International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Barcelona, Spain.

Burman, J. T., Young, J. L., & Ratcliff, M. (2016, June). “An English parody of the French.” On the first translation of Sociological Studies, 1971-1977. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Jean Piaget Society. Chicago, IL.

Young, J. L. (2014, June). “The result is a mass of uncorroborated stuff”:  William James and research on the limits of experience. Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of Cheiron: International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Hood College, Frederick, MD.

Young, J. L. (2013, November). “An ideal laboratory for studying social phenomena”: Researching social relations in children’s summer camps. In J. L. Young (Session Organizer), B. Harris (Chair) and J. Carson (Discussant), Human Sciences as Field Sciences. Paper presented at the History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Cambridge, MA.

Young, J. L. (2013, June). Test or toy? The Cattell Infant Intelligence Scale as liminal object. In M. Sokal (Discussant), Exploring the materiality of psychiatric and psychological instruments symposium. Paper presented at the annual meeting of Cheiron: International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Dallas, Irving, TX.

Young, J. L. (2013, March). “In description be photographically objective, exact, minute and copious in detail”: G. Stanley Hall and the questionnaire as psychological instrument. Paper presented at the British Psychological Society History and Philosophy of Psychology Section Annual Conference, University of Surrey, Guilford, UK.