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Advances in the History of Psychology
2009-present   Editor.
AHP blog aggregates news and notes related to the history of the discipline.

Oral History and Digital Archive Project

Psychology’s Feminist Voices
2014-present   Steering Committee Member.
2009-present   Project Member.
A freely accessible online multi-media archive that disseminates information on both the women in psychology’s past and current feminist work within the discipline. Find us on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.


Green, C. D., Bazar, J. L., Young, J. L., & Burman, J. T. (2011). Mental asylumsHistory of Psychology Laboratory (HooPLa!).


Bazar, J., Davidson, T., Fox, A., Rutherford, A., Vaughn-Johnson, K., & Young, J. (Writers & Producers). (2017). Gender Matters: Using Gender Based Analysis in Psychology [7 video series].

1. What is Gender Based Analysis?
2. Sex vs. Gender
3. Rethinking Research Priorities and Outcomes
4. Examining Concepts and Theories
5. Formulating Research Questions
6. Analyzing Factors Intersecting with Sex and Gender
7. Rethinking Language and Visual Representation

Psychology’s Feminist Voices (Producer), & Young, J. L. (Technical Production). (2014). Feminist Psychologists Talk About… [3 video series].

Feminist Psychologists Talk About…Intersectionality
Feminist Psychologists Talk About…Research Methods
Feminist Psychologists Talk About…Women’s Mental Health & Feminist Therapy